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Originally Posted by Facejackets View Post
Well if you find yourself in Vegas, and want to try one out before you spend the $115 on the stock, let me know.

That grip feels GREAT. I am happy I didn't spend the 379 for the 500 with the plain jane knoxx stock. The hard plastic would probably kill my shoulder. Also, the grip was really really small, and hollow.

This grip is about the same width, maybe a little thicker than my Glock 17, and feels solid as hell.

I haven't shot it yet though
Don't see myself in Vegas anytime soon but thanks for the offer. I'm still tossing it around in my head. I've only shot light loads out of it so far but even those seemed somewhat punchy compared to my AR and AK which I've been shooting lately. I can only imagine what buckshot is like out of it.

How solid is the AR like stock? My AR15's has some wobble to it that's bearable but still sort of annoying.

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