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Originally Posted by mephisto24 View Post
I am currently in downtown Columbia pretty much, same with the Fiance. I am definitely looking forward to getting to the range in the near future. It has been a good while since Ive been shooting, and even longer since I have handled pistols.

I think my best bet will be to take a NRA basic pistol course in a couple months then go and do the CWP. Ive heard for the CWP classes they are filling up rather quickly though.
I'm in cola also. If you want you can come shoot my Glock. It's really easy to learn. You don't need to take a pistol course before your cwp. My wife had never touched a gun until the week before the cwp course and she scored perfect on the test. There were people who took the test that rented guns that day and they had never shot one before.

I'm a member at Shooter's choice and next month I'm going to join MCRC. Feel free to come shoot with me.
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