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Welcome to GT! I'm a graduate student in SC as well. I just bought my first glocks (2x G26's) for the wife and I. We took our CWP course in January and are awaiting to recieve our CWP's in the mail now.

My only advice is to read and watch as much as you can. My wife and I love to watch "The Best Defense" and "Personal Defense TV" on DishNetwork. It is very helpful in giving you drills to practice so that you can be prepared for unanticipated events. Also check out books by Massad Ayoob like "In the Gravest Extreme"

We also go to the range every week. A couple of weeks ago we took about 3 weeks off. Well the next time we went to the was bad. It's amazing at how quickly your skills can drop when you haven't been regularly practicing your drills.
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