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Originally Posted by mike_purdue View Post
As a mechanical engineer that actually uses math and the laws of physics can I ask you to stop using these words?

You don't know what you're talking about. The laws of physics have names, there are a lot of them. If you are a physicist be specific, if you're not then stop referring to sciences you do not understand.

If the fact that you cannot argue that laws of mathematics is a fact, then why do mathematicians and physicists and engineers constantly CONSTANTLY argue these things?

Further, the modern understanding of basic (Newtonian) mechanics that govern things like dropping guns out of planes after they take off from treadmills has been pretty well understood for only about 300 years (he was born in 1643). The universe has been around for somewhere between 2200 and infinity years depending on your religious beliefs, so we haven't really had the time to "iron everything out" yet.

Anyways, you don't think this guy really did this stuff, or you think that he exaggerated his results. Please leave it at that, and qualify your opinions in a reasonable way, but don't just say "I'm right because of science".

Stop being a troll.
Mike Purdue -

Great post.

I enjoy reading the thread and I just sort of assume the poster knows enough not to fire a weapon with a muzzle pluged with mud. He seems to have an approach to this and I've enjoyed reading it. This guy looks like he knows what he is doing.

I've got a physics question or two that I should know the answer to but I just can't remember. Maybe you can help.

Take the drop from the airplane example in the thread. Interesting but here are my questions (and, while you answer them, maybe the original poster can come up with some other test)

1. If pistol is dropped from airplane at 500' or 5000', won't it hit ground at same speed? (won't the pistol reach terminal velocity?) Also, how about a quick explination of what terminal velocity is. Don't objects of the same weight hit the ground at the same speed once they reach terminal velocity?

1A. How long or from what height would it be before a G21 reached terminal velocity?

1B. If so, what is the terminal velocity of a G21 when it hits the ground in MPH or FPS.

1C. If dropped from 500' - how long will it take for pistol to hit the ground?

2. What effect does the speed of the plane have on the velocity of the pistol hitting the ground? Does the forward air speed have any effect on how "hard" the pistol hits the ground?

3. I seem to remember that there was a "streamer/marker" attached to the pistol. What effect does this have on slowing the pistol? I seem to remember as a kid shooting Estes rockets that we either used a streamer or a parachute. Any effect having the streamer?

4. Since you're an ME (I'm not) - why do you think some of the parts of the glock (let's say they are all finished the same) are rusting faster than others? I think I know why the spring rusts but why do spots on the pistol rust faster than others?

Hope you can answer some of these. Thanks.
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