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you have emptied all your tool boxes of tools to fill them with ammo

you cant remember to take your heart medication but you can recall every date when you had a FTF in your glock

You really spent time deciding if getting a Glock tattoo was really a good idea or not?

when you have no need for search have every gun website bookmarked

you bought a DVD player just so you could pause the scenes when a pistol was fired when it was locked back and empty.

you give family members gift certificates to the gun range for christmas..

you get mad when all the good first person shooter video games never feature glocks as a sidearm

You pray for the day that we never get ray-guns..cause how can you justify buying that new reloading bench???

The local bar filed a missing persons report and you were turned in by the clerk at the gun counter at wal-mart.

The first place you went when you got your CCL was to walmart

your PIN number is your serial number ERU+++

your kids car seat has been on recall for 3 months...but you call Glock daily to find out how much longer it will be until you get your new frame.
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