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I actually had several different things that caused me to want one.

The first was that I used to work for a municipal department in a town where no one ever kept their animals chained up. I had been forced into the back of my truck by a pitbull that thought I would taste yummy, so I decided the next time I would have something for him other than my rear end.

The other time was when I was shopping with my friends and we had someone come up to us asking for money. We told the guy that we didn't have any and we walked away but he kept fallowing us until about 15 feet behind us. We were lucky because we happened to see a police officer not to far away that took care of things for us.

The last one was when I was actually after I got my carry permit but I think it still applies. I was interning for my criminal justice degree with the local sheriff's dept and had been with an officer a few days prior when he had arrested a man for a list of things including DUI and a suspended license. Well the man who was arrested thought he would seek some sort of revenge by giving me a hard time at work. He stopped by just to let me know that he knew where I lived and worked. He also informed me that he knew how to use a weapon. I informed him on a few things and let the Sheriff's dept know about him.

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