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Originally Posted by Sir Glockster View Post
The two main reasons for me were the outcome of the Presidential election and that coupled with the tanking economy. Desperate times bring out desperate people that will do anything to survive.

I think you're cutting people too much slack in times like these. At least in the Detroit area, we're not talking about Jean Val Jean stealing bread to feed his family. We're talking about some random A-hole knocking me over at work so he can sell my EQ to stay comfortable. I might do some desperate things to feed my family, but I'd probably steal food from a store, not car jack someone. I'd be willing to bet most people you'd need to shoot are after money for drugs or luxury items, not things to aid in survival.

Back to topic, I'm headed towards a CCW because my company has already been robbed for our EQ twice, how long before it happens again?

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