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Multiple factors compounded over time to lead me to CCW:

1). Having grown up hunting and being pretty comfortable handling guns, I always had an affinity for them. That gave me a basic foundation.
2). Later in life I simply became more aware of how easy it was for the bad guys to win.
3). Lots of good input from folks like G. Gordon Liddy and Sean Hannity.
4). Reflecting upon how my job takes me on the road frequently at odd hours.
5). Some good conversations with friends who were cops and ex-cops.
6). Reading David Klinger's recent book, Into the Kill Zone. As an ex-LA cop, he does an excellent job discussing multiple aspects of what it means to carry a weapon and using it when necessary. Although the book focuses on LEO situations, many of the principles apply to CCW for civilians.
7). My normal manly desire to protect my castle and my family.
8). A sense of ethical obligation---more than just the bad guys need to carry. If my carrying will some day save my life or another innocent person's life, than I say "Bravo!" [I'm sure there are many other reasons, but I think these are the main ones.]

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