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OBAMA 2012
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because wavetrain - tired, old, pissed-off defeated-Republicans have to have somewhere to whine, cry, and moan about our new President-elect because he isnt more of the same. For some people like farny, they want MORE OF THE SAME from the W crew. for the other Americans that are sick and tired of the crap and the wasteful spending that was presided over by a REPUBLICAN claiming to be a fiscal and compassionate conservative, we voted for the only person different from W.

McCain is a class-act. He accepted defeat and pledged to work with Obama and now many whinyass crying Republicans are blasting him for it. The man has character. I dont agree with his politics most of the time, but he is a class act.

But the reason this thread is still open... some old connies need somewhere to whine and cry b/c their guy lost. big time. and its OK. I enjoy reading it.
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