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I will never cease to be amused by how utterly delusional Obama voters are. When I press them about what sort of change they want all they can give me is some crap about Look at the last 8 years and that they voted for a [half] black man.

So far all of them say they don't want to live in a socialist state, but Obama clearly wants one.

All of them want our boarder secured, but Obama has made it clear he doesn't (look at his cabinet picks). Sadly, McCain wasn't much better.

All of them want UNITY when he can't even unite his own party, but they are still trying say that a 52/48 spread indicates that we are.

All of them want honesty after he's been a major player in the most corrupt city in the country.

All of them support the second amendment but then voted for a president who has repeatedly stated that he believes that no one should be allowed to own firearms. They would know that if they took the time to actually look at his voting record instead of listening to is campaign crap.

They say he will improve the economy when every policy that he has proposed - cap and trade, redistribution, unionisation - have proven time and time again to bring economic collapse. Not to mention his intimate involvement in the subprime mortage collapse after it was McCain trying to blow the whistle on it.

Granted the Republicans are headed in pretty much the same direction, they just went along with nationalising the banks, mortgage industry and the auto industry. They've gotten too spineless to stand up to the upcoming socialist utopia.

Just keep living in your little dream world. If you wanted Karl Marx just admit that a get on with it. If you didn't, you're too uniformed to be voting.
The United States of America: 1776-2012. You will be missed, but not forgotten.

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