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Originally Posted by southernreign View Post
I took the CCW test here in Union county. The test consisted of shooting 40 rounds. 32 had to be in the black on the 'human' size target to pass.
5 rounds-3 yards right handed.
5 rounds-3 yards left handed
3 rounds-7 yards right handed
3 rounds-7 yards left handed
4 rounds-double handed
3 rounds-15 yards right handed
3 rounds-15 yards left handed
2 rounds-15 yards double handed rapid double tap in ready position on 'fire'
2 rounds-15 yards double handed rapid double tap from rest on 'fire'

I think the instructors change for course to course, but, I am sure they would never pass someone they thought was not able to handle a gun well. I know they had a lady the week before they did not pass. She was up in age, and knew she had problems to begin with.
This doesn't make any sense. Why would you ever not fire with your strong side? I guess if worse comes to worse and you hurt your strong arm, but that just seems like a weird test to me. I'm glad that our instructor won't make us do that. I've never ever practiced shooting with me weak side.

..........although, I might try at the range tomorrow. haha.
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