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Found this under one instructors website.

South Carolina Weapons Concealed Carry Course - 8 hour course

Instructor: Mike Lloyd - Call Neal Seaman for further information: 843-716-0511 or Email

Hours for Mike Lloyd's courses: Monday and Tuesday (full course), Friday morning split course 8 AM to 12 noon then the following Friday 4 hours, Sundays 12 Noon

For all other days and hours we will direct applicants to the other instructors

This course is designed for individuals that wish to apply for a concealed carry permit in the state of South Carolina - Course fee $65.00. If for some reason we cannot supply this service due to time constraints or other problems we will give you the contact information for other instructors to fill the gap. Of course we cannot speak for them as far as pricing.

Upon successful completion of this course the applicant will have meet the required standards and pass a standard firearms proficiency test that is required by state law prior to receive your concealed carry permit.

To participate in this course students must have a working knowledge of their weapon and safe weapon handling skills. If you desire, at no extra cost to you, we will run you through the practicum before the test as many times as you wish to feel comfortable so you can take the gun shoot part of the test without worrying. THERE WILL BE NO COST TO YOU FOR THIS EXTRA SERVICE.

Course content will include:

Legal issues, consequences and liabilities
new concealed carry laws
Conflict avoidance strategies
Personal protection considerations
The “Use of force” continuum
Concealed carry concepts
The survival mindset
Threat assessment/ Engagement
basic shooting fundamentals
Decision making skills
Law enforcement encounters

50 rounds of factory ammunition, handgun w/2 magazines or revolver with 1 speed loader, eye and ear protection, hip holster


Safe handling of firearm
Ability to load and unload a handgun safely
Fire 50 rounds from a handgun at distances of 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, 15 (yards) while under time constraints
Passing score of 70% on handgun proficiency test
You will be shooting at a full sized silhouette target
Proficiency test is 50 rounds of ammunition.
3 1,2,2* (2X)**
5 1,2,2* (2X)**
7 1,2,2* (2X)**
10 5* (rapid fire) (2X)**
12 5* (rapid fire)**
15 5* (rapid fire)**
* rounds loaded and shot
** number of times run through that sequence


AT REST - holstered gun
PRESENTATION - gun safe in front of you pointing down range at a 45 degree angle
READY GUN - gun is being brought up to sight and fire

Passing Proficiency score is 35 hits out of 50 shots = 70%

Registration Fees: $65.00 - $25.00 deposit required down and signed release.
(Course limited to 8 people max) - we will run this course for an individual at no extra cost.

The course firing range is not the one I took. No holster requirement this looks like this instructor uses the NC course. Also if you read his website IMO I would not want instruction from these people.
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