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Originally Posted by Carbonfly View Post
Thanks a lot for the info! The class I am taking costs $65 at Shooter's Choice, but you have to supply your own ammo. You can rent a gun if you do not have one yet (it's like $10 i think).

They do require a minimum score on the targets but how many rounds & distance is not specified in the law. Drawing from holster has a lot to do if it's an indoor or outdoor range, and, the individual instructor. BTW if you have a
Triple A + membership they will take your passport size photos for free. Some instructors build it into the fee for the class others charge extra. Before taking any instructors class I would ask what is going to be on the live fire portion. Just to know if you have to use ammo they supply, need to bring a holster (especially if they want a particular type). I know of one instructor that will only allow FMJ Winchester White Box, & prefers only semi-autos.
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