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Originally Posted by chuck17 View Post
Per the SCSW, 3rd. ed.-
"Model 19: The Combat Magnum" was produced c. 1955-1999.

Model 19-6 was produced from 1988 until the 19-7 came out in 1994.

According to the SN appendix, serial numbers starting with BPE were produced around November 1993.

In my opinion, the medium-framed S&W Model 19 with a 4" barrel is one of the most versatile handguns you can buy. You can shoot light .38 special target loads as well as powerful .357 magnum rounds. The 4" barrel is perfectly balanced, not too long or too short. It's a keeper.

Good luck with that,
Thanks Chuck. I traded a VINTAGE model 10 for it, that was manufactured in 1960, according to the document that came with it. It was in absolute PERFECT condition. I wouldn't have considered it MINT, because it had been fired - but not by me. It was probably worth more ($$$ wise anyway) than this model 19, that I would rate at about 80-85%, but it wasn't doing me any good sitting on a shelf. My guns are ALL working guns. I just couldn't make myself carry that model 10.

I probably coulda got a little cash to go with the trade, but I just swapped the guy even for the 19. It already has a little "character" so any and all scuffs it receives won't hurt as much.

Thanks for the info Chuck!
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