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Ok reporting on the findings of strip down and clean and oiling on the "new" 686-6 PP that I picked up the other day.

It has not been shot other then factory, had my magnifying hood on and did very close 10x inspection of cylinder face, and all moving parts. It was a good thing I did pop the side plate as the gun was bone dry, so I broke out the Breakfree CLP and put a drop on all moving parts for now and will clean out the CLP for some synthetic oil in about a week or two. I want to test fire and see how I like shooting the gun before I put some real time and effort into getting the gun ready for regular shooting.

I will say the gun sure is barrel heavy at front and if a keeper I may check into milling down the under lug some. But would need to look at a few examples to see how I like the looks and feel of a trimmed up under lug gun.
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