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A good friend just picked up a nice 66-1 ser # 83K11XX could you please give me a date of manufacture. He thinks it was made in 83 because of the 83 in front of the K, I told him it was not the date, but I got to wondering.

Anyway it would be nice to know to be able to tell him for sure.

Thanks in advance sir.
According to the SCSW, 3rd ed., the Model 66 aka "The .357 Combat Magnum Stainless" was produced circa 1970 - 2004. The 66-1 was made from 1977 until the 66-2 came out in 1982. The ser # 83K11XX would place its manufacture in 1980 ( 1980 S/Ns ran from 57K0001-91K6800 ). It is a fine revolver.

You are welcome, sir.
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