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Several reasons.....

1. A lot of gangs in my area. A 16 and 18 yr old gang bangers killed a convenient store clerk not far from where I work.

2. They hang in the local malls where my family and I shop.

3. I had a friend who was in a work release program working his way out of prison. He was working in a auto body shop and found out that is was an auto theft system that the local sheriff was running and he tried to get out of it. They made life tough on my friend and bullied my family over it - even broke into our home and robbed us. Needless to say, that good sheriff ended up in prison.

I carried w/o a permit for years until I decided to become legit. Applied for my permit on 9/11. I carry to protect myself from thugs and law enforcement. Dang, that's sad.
There'd never been a 1st Amendment without a 2nd Amendment.
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