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Originally Posted by Texas357 View Post
I've talked to several Grendel owners who say the gun is 100% reliable, but very ammo-specific, i.e. it only likes one load from one mfr.

I think they should bring back the concept, keep the magazine size, but in .22LR, and tuned for bulk ammo.
I've never owned a Grendel, but I own an AMT Automag II and it is definitely very, very ammo-specific (Winchester Super-X .22 Magnum) and having had years of experience with it, I take any claims of 100% reliability from P-30 owners with a grain of salt. The dimensions of the cartridge are just really poor for an autoloading handgun. And Grendel made notoriously shabby product. If you check around forums, the P-30 is widely regarded as a jammomatic.

But, an 8-round wheelgun is gonna be reliable. You want reliable in a .22WMR handgun, that's what you need to be going with. You want high-capacity, get rid of that sissy pistol and get yourself a Glock

BTW, I also had a Magnum Research Mountain Eagle .22LR pistol which was in fact very similar to the P-30 but took high-cap (20-round) .22LR magazines. It was actually pretty darn reliable, and used a constant-tension leaf spring, but it had all-plastic magazines and when it was killed as a product by the Clinton-era gun bans, the magazines became impossilbe to find. I dumped mine after the first time I had one of my magazine's plastic feed lips break. The same gun with a metal-sleaved magazine (and a couple other key parts done in metal that were regrettably plastic) would have been pretty sweet.
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