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Several things came together in the Fall of 1980. I had always been around all sorts of firearms and shot a lot, but rarely carried.
I finished postgraduate medical training and went to work at a big-city trauma center where the surviving victims were cared for. Daily heard horror stories from them. Also, two young physicians I knew were murdered in separate robberies. Then, one night I stopped at a convenience store and a Bad Guy tried to kidnap me. All I could think is "Where is my Python?" The next morning, he tried to kidnap an ex Special Forces gunshop owner in the same place. The ex SF put a cocked Browning High Power on the B-G's forehead and ordered the clerk to call the cops. The Judge told us that the B-G had just been released on parole from state prison, where he had been sent for armed robbery. Judge sent him right back !
All this was before CHL's. I spoke with two different career LEO's, who both said to carry, even though it was illegal.
Got a license as soon as they became available.
Once you are a victim, everything looks diffferent. I cringe when I hear friends and family say that they "only carry when it is needed"; one never knows. If you could know, you would avoid the situation entirely.
Also, one learns to be alert and to avoid situations as much as possible; BUT, there is danger everywhere.
May GOD save America !
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