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Hi Chuck,

Thanks for the info so far. Here's everything else I know...
  • 60-3 stamped on inside of frame
  • 6 6 5 stamped on crane
  • B15 and 48665 stamped on lower, left side of frame beneath left grip panel. There is also a small, round, white sticker with the number 5 on it with a blue line through the number.
  • 7869 stamped on lower, right side of frame beneath right grip panel
  • Of course the SN of BDU21XX
  • The barrel is 1 3/4" long from the cylinder face and just under 1 3/16" long from the frame
  • The front sight is integral with the top strap
  • The hammer is bobbed but it is not original
  • It came with aftermarket Safariland grips, so no joy there
  • No box or other papers
Thanks again for all your help.

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