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Hi everyone,

I'm new to the world of S&W snubbies. I just picked up a used Model 60 with an unfluted cylinder and was hoping someone could help me put a date to it.

The SN is BDU21XX

Also, is it safe for .38 special +P?

Thanks for your help.

According to the SCSW 3rd.ed., your pistol was probably made around April 1989 (or possibly in early 1994, see earlier posted disclaimer about serial numbers). Do you have a "dash number," for example Model 60-3? That could help narrow down the date of manufacture. Also, if you have the box, the label give other clues like a "product code." The unfluted cylinder was not a standard offering, so it was probably part of a special run. Does it have a 2" or 3" barrel? Spur or bobbed hammer? What type of grips? Any other distinguishing features? The Model 60 had a lot of variations and all of them are not listed in the SCSW. Some variations were rated for +P after 1990, so I am not sure if if your gun is safe for +P... I would call S&W and ask them, or put that quesion on the S&W Forum at

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