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Originally Posted by bamarammin87 View Post
I've never used one but I always wanted one. Theyre awesome, but the bullet is half the weight so idk how it does on people compared to a .22.

half the weight.. yes, but you should try shooting both and compare the damage.

I have a 22LR rifle and 17 hmr rifle. All using hallow points and the 17 HMR does a lot more damage. I remember shooting a fox squirrel in the torso and took it in half... The 22LR is a lot weaker compared to the 17 hmr. check out the videos on You will see the 17 hmr tearing up small games like nothing.. it's actually an overkill for small games. I can easily take out foxes and coyotes with it too. Shoot a deer in the head and it will be a goner...

Some people argued with me that a 17hmr cannot kill a person effectively... Sure, maybe not, but i'm pretty positive a shot to the head will do it... the 17 hmr rifle is scary accurate..if it fails, i have my glock 27 and 12 guage 00 buck shot..

17 hmr = 2300+ FPS
22 LR = 1000-1200 FPS, i believe..

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