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Originally Posted by meshmdz View Post
Hmmm so the vast majority of Americans who voted for Obama "have no clue"??? and Obama is a piece of crap? That really speaks volumes of your character... talking this vile rhetoric about an American President.
Every person who voted for Obama is and was clueless.

If a person walked into the voting booth and voted for a candidate because he was going to give them change or because they were better then the current president in their eyes, if that is your reason for voting then you should have stayed home.

Clueless zombies need not vote.

My mother and father both voted for this piece of garbage. Are they clueless, yes. They drank the cool aid. I never thought of my parents as being gullible. I hated bush, I got that, I could understand why, but Obama was not running against bush. I once respected my fathers political views. Things changed after I realized he was pulling for this guy. When I heard that after everything I had told him he still dragged my mother in there and they both voted for Obama, I felt sick to my stomach. I lost a little bit of respect for both of my parents that day.

The next time I spoke with him on the phone neither of us mentioned it, probably better that way.

The saddest part is one day very soon I will have the chance to say "I told you so", but I will not have the heart.

And no, Obama is not my President.

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