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My parents were coming out of a pizza place about 10 yrs ago and avoided an attempted robbery.

As they were exiting the pizza joint, my dad noticed 2 guys off to the side near their car and another guy walking towards them with a tire iron. They quickly tried to make it to their vehicle when the other to "gentlemen" started towards them as well. My mom got the car between herself and the thugs with my dad close behind. With the 3 guys closing in, my dad unholstered his G21 out of his fanny pack (I know....) and turned around to face the guys with the gun at his side. The 3 guys quickley realized they didn't want to rob my parents anymore.
Once they were in the car my mom asked, "What were you going to do?!?!"
My dad calmly replied, "I was going to take the first guy's head off his shoulders. Then I was going to take the 2nd guy's head off his shoulders. And the third if he didn't get the picture."
My mom got her CCW soon after.
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