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Originally Posted by JR View Post
You are totally wrong! The frame you see in the home page advertisement is a MODIFIED GLOCK FACTORY G22 FRAME. We started with a 3rd gen G22, did a frame reduction, added a few more goodies, 3 mags, box, cleaning kit & lock. Smoking deal at $299

Our new frame is completely custom built from the magwell up! It has more features and is a full 3/8 to 1/2 inch smaller in the grip than a factory frame. They should come in under $200

"Could blow up" (are you for real). First of all.... anything can happen but you are way off base here because this is absolutely impossible! Frames don't blow up! Barrels can blow up but frames don't. Barrels sit inside slides that sit on a frame. FYI: A Lone Wolf barrel has never experienced a catastrophic failure (read "blow up"). NEVER, NOT ONE.

I guess we are lucky huh? Lucky with our barrels and maybe, hopefully just as lucky with the frames.
Glock certainly can't say this, I don't know what has got everyone wetting their pants over your new product. I would say that they are ill informed and should maybe let things go for a while before denouncing a product that has no track record performance. If anything, they should go on your proven track record with your other fine products.
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