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Originally Posted by fwm View Post
I have been a Pittsburgh fan since the new rookie quarter back came in and defeated my Super Bowl champs, Chiefs. His name was Terry Bradshaw. Like the present quarterback pretty good too. To bad about last week.

Once an auto, always an auto according to the BATF. But the receiver does not have a hole for the auto sear pin, so I guess that is where the BATF would look in determining if this gun was once an auto?

Ah yes, the Bradshaw years. I was a fan back then too. In fact, back then I couldn't even speak English yet, but I was a fan. I'm one of those fans that borders on psycho too, at least according to my wife.
I am in denial right now about the game versus my #2 team, the Giants (I grew up near the Meadowlands), so I'd really rather not discuss it. My wife and kids have been told not to mention this past weekend. I have marked out that date on all the calendars in the house. It did not exist.

The once an auto saying is correct, but it doesn't apply here. Nearly all former assault rifle kits were once autos, but they have been made non-functional by cutting the original receiver per ATF regs. If you had gotten your AK gun originally as a kit, you would have gotten some of the parts in torch cut sections. All legal. None of the receivers you can buy now will have provisions for the auto sear, so there is nothing wrong with building a semi-auto rifle from a former full-auto kit. That is how it's done by noral people and huge companies like Century. They've been building semi auto G-3, AK, CETME and other rifles for years from former full-auto kits.
The last time I heard the once an auto rule coming into play was years ago with some Chinese AKs that used purely military receivers modified to semi-auto. The holes for the auto sear axis pin were there, but a rivet was permanently installed to cover them up. The ATF confiscated all the weapons they could find, but not all the weapons were found.
Pittsburgh Steelers fan till the day I die, and then some.

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