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Originally Posted by Malkuth View Post
Yeah thats because we have no real daily influx of gold yet. When the game gets updated we will have our own gold production hopefully which will bring the game out more, and give us more to do in a day.

The idea right now is too have the ability to turn soldiers into gold miners which will net you a certain amount of gold each day.
What needs to happen is that the attacking countries can develop some type of weapon different than what is available to defensive races, but still on par with the other weapons. They can then place it on a market and the defensive races can buy the weapons and arm their soldiers. This will allow a way for the attack races to make gold.

You can flip the exact same concept around and allow the defensive races to be able to develop some kind of armor and place that on the market for the attack races.

Something like removing the ability of the attack races to buy the defensive items, and removing the ability of the defensive races to buy weapons from the DEFAULT market. Than you also have a public market that is fueled solely by players placing items on the market.
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