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Originally Posted by srothman View Post
Bush is OK, so is J. Henges (spelling?) off Hwy 44. The problem with the conservation ranges is no rapid shoots. You have to count to three (very slowly) before you can take a follow-up shot. They do have a range officer at all times, but call a lot of cease fires. It is not bad, if it is your only choice.

What type of distance you looking for? There is a great 25 yard, indoor, handgun caliber, shooting range in Imperial, MO. It is called Top Gun, and myself and several other people have had great experiences there. They have a huge selection, and their staff are shooters, and very helpful.

For outdoor shooting I would recommend Arnold Rifle and Pistol, but it is memebership only.
I ended up going to Jay Henges Shooting Range and had a good time. The three second rule between shots didn't hamper me much because, as mentioned before, I was simply getting my scope zeroed in.

Though, after seeing a hole crap load of bullet holes in the ceiling, I can't blame them for having the three second rule. How you accidentally shoot the ceiling I'll never know.

The price was right at Henges, too-- three bucks for an hour was listed, but I easily shot for two hours and the guy still only charged me three bucks (despite me trying to correct him). I'll be back.

I also stopped in at Top Gun in Imperial, MO, to buy some accessories. Looked like a pretty great place. At least one of the sales folk was friendly and the handgun inventory was the best I've ever seen. Too bad I still have a NY drivers license and thus can't buy handguns here.

I did check into Arnold Rifle and Pistol but becoming a member didn't make sense financially considering I'll only be here for another 9 month.
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