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Originally Posted by bryceban View Post
I also don't think gun control is high in his priorities, it simply will not get pro gun votes for him and would hurt his appeal to jump on the pro gun wagon. He will leave that subject alone for sure, unless he gets elected. Then it is up in air and no telling what could happen.
Well, I think if he is elected, it won't be a priority unless he does really well for a year or two and gets good results on priorities of his. Then, and only then, could I see him expend the political capital it would take to affect gun laws.
Whether you like Obama's policies or not, he has run his campaign extremely well, and very pragmatically. I just can't see him sabatoging his economic and health care agendas for gun control. Most voters don't care about gun control pro or con. It doesn't occur to them. But they do care about the economy, taxes, health care, and Iraq.
Obama has surely learned the lesson of the Clintons, who got off to a rocky start by making gays in the military a priority issue immediately after WJC was sworn in. Its just not in Obama's interest to let a "fringe issue" get in the way of his larger agenda.
Which is why I'll vote for the guy despite our divergence on gun laws. I don't think his stance on guns matters to him the way the economy, health care, and Iraq do. And on those larger issues, I agree with him.
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