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Originally Posted by cookekdjr View Post
Well, I guess you decide who belongs and who doesn't doesn't because you say you do. Since you are in charge and all...
By the way, why don't you just say you're not subject to income tax. Just say it and it will be so. That way you'll never have to pay taxes again. While you're at it, say that you get free health care and that everybody has to pay you $10 on Thursday. Because you can say it, and that makes it so...
You can say it, so it is true. Just say you are God. It's true because you can say are the decider, after all
I pay plenty of income tax, with BHO I might have to pay more so others can have free health care and free food etc..........I work hard and have a good job so that I may have health care. I do not want to have to carry the weight of other non contributing waste of space members of society. (<----which BTW are usually BHO supporting liberal Dems)
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