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Originally Posted by bryceban View Post
You better sell that ocean front property in AZ before BHO gives it to the "less fortunate". Seriously, you are in the wrong forums for promoting BHO pal.
No, I am NOT in the wrong forum. I love Glocks. I carry a Glock. I have a pistol in my pocket every day of my life. I have a gun with me right now. I have used my gun to stop my own carjacking, and I am issued a gun in my job.
You know, most GT'ers and folks on other gunboards complain about "liberals" all the time. If only they'd see the light about the 2nd Am and the RTKBA in general. They are so wrong, they are soft on crime, blah blah blah.
But if that liberal agrees with you on gun issues, is that good enough? Hell no. They have to agree on every other prevailing belief of the people who own guns to make people happy around here.
Well, that is b.s. This is a gun forum, not a GOP forum. I like glocks, this is a place for glock lovers. Don't tell me where I belong and where I don't.
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