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At times this has been a tiring thread. One important aspect is the capability of the "end user." As an overweight man approaching 60 who fired his first firearm only five years ago, I have come to the conclusion that the most I am capable of carrying regularly is a Kahr PM9 or a J-frame snubbie in my front pocket. Losing 100 lbs. or finding the fountain of youth might change things, but I am not holding my breath.... Since I will never be an "operator," I can imagine being outgunned - and "feeling" outgunned - in lots of crime scenarios. So what? Other leaner, fitter, (probably) younger folks realistically have the option of regularly concealed-carrying a larger capacity semi-auto in 9mm, .40S&W, .45GAP, .357SIG, or .45ACP for IWB, OWB, shoulder-carry holsters, that is, more realistically than I do.

So I practice as much as I can with all sorts of semi-auto pistols of various sizes, and shotguns, and semi-auto rifles,.....and with my snubbie. If I am attacked in my house I will not feel outgunned. Anywhere else, the best I can manage is my snubbie in a pocket.
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