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Originally Posted by Gunboat1 View Post
Ask those same people you know if 5 rounds in a hard-to-shoot package are enough in a multiple-attacker scenario, no matter WHAT their level of training or instinct. The factors you cite are exactly why a better weapon is called for. You are missing the point. If the tool isn't up to the job, all else is meaningless.

To clarify - I said a snub isn't enough. Some snubby defender said basically "well, if it's more than two guys, you couldn't win anyway, so why carry more"? I refuted that, explaining why one man winning over three or four is indeed possible. Instead of carping about the size of my ego, it would be more profitable to draw the appropriate conclusion - a 5-shot snub is a marginal weapon at best, and it can leave one severely undergunned given modern realities.

Not missing the point, I don't think. The tool I carry daily is up to the job I'm most likely to encounter. It's unlikely that I'll be called on to take on a swarm of Al-Qadea goblins at Publix or Home Depot.

If in the extremely unlikely situation that such an encounter happened, I'd most likely not do anything that would endanger other lives. Trained or not, engaging multiple targets in combat situations is best left to the professionals. Police Constable Trevor Locke used good judgment in such a situation at the Iranian Embassy, in London.

I apologise for bruising your ego. I was merely trying, in my clumsy way, to caution you in not overestimating your abilities. Terminating say four armed persons, is indeed possible, but not probable. If the four persons are switched on and armed, you will probable not survive the encounter. Such encounters are the stuff of legend; four Provo IRA players ambush a DET operative in N.Ireland. Instead of his MP5-K, the operative could only use his Hi-Power. His superb training, his quick reactions and appraisal of prioritising his targets made him the victor. Provo's zero, security forces four.

Back to the OP. My lifestyle today and where I live does not warrant more horesepower/firepower than my trusty .44. If that changes, then I will go back to another choice. Sorry again.
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