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I saved the article because it was one of the better gun magazine articles, that I've read. It was in the 3-03 issue of Combat Handguns. Ralph Mroz wrote a list of 25 reasons the snubbie is a superior sidearm. His source is Michael DeBethencourt(former Sigarms instr. who uses a Colt Cobra & S&W M12). I'll paraphrase the reasons for you folks.'s safest live round indicator- just look
2.minimum maintainance
3.superior reliability into action- not flat on table
5.ya seen one, ya seen them all- all the same
6.few shots needed to function test
7.feeds all ammo in correct caliber
8.misfires reflexively corrected- pull trigger again
9.always availible to second user- point n shoot
10.easy for beginners
11.loading is easy
12.easy to unload, make safe
13.easy to shoot- no da/sa,safeties,no limp wrist,no hair trigger
14.less expensive
15.greater tactical versatility-contact shot with no jams
16.looks nicer- jury friendly
17.grips are adjustible with aftermarket grips
18.pocket fire
19. four season carry
20. cheap pratice-.22lr understudy
21.points well
22.can't fatally foul grip- even poor grip can shoot gun
23.less likely to AD- DA trigger
24.stopping power in small package
25.safer after incident no decock/safeties
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