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Originally Posted by Gunboat1 View Post
As a matter of fact, yes, I do. I will be carrying a gun - not all of them may be. I have been extensively trained and am an experienced firearms/close combat instructor - I doubt they are. I practice a lot - not all of them do, most probably. I will seize the initiative - denying it to them. I will seek and use cover - unless they have been well-trained (an unlikely probability), they may very well not.

But none of that will matter if I run out of ammo after 5 rounds. "If you can't get the job done with the first six, what makes you think you will "fair" (sic) any better with the next 6?" It was a 7-10 round job, that's what.

Is carrying two wheelguns really better than carrying one good hi-cap semiauto? And if you think you will be reloading 20 rounds into a snub or two, you are the one who is dreaming. Good luck with that.

Just because you can't do it doesn't mean that anyone else can't. Train a little - you will be surprised to learn what can be done - with the proper tools.
There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. "Close Combat Instructor" or not, most of the trained people I know, or have known, will tell you that things never go as you expect them to. If you have real QCB training then good for you. However, those who have practiced with thousands of rounds per week, running room clearance techniques or hostage rescue scenarios, will tell you that even with that training, the difference between a successful op. and an unsuccessful one is instinct. Combat situations are fluid and mostly chaotic.

Regarding snubbies. I have had the privilege of using many firearms in my many years. At this moment, with my lifestyle and where I live, my .44 Special is what I carry most. In the unlikely situation that I'm attacked by six BG's bent on doing me harm, then I may get one or two. Packing a G17 would only serve me better if the the remaining four stood still and compliant. In other words, in situations where multiple aggressors are involved, I'm toast. Where one or two are involved, then I will probably hurt them.

Trust your instincts.
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