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I think all the responses here have been excellent!

To specifically answer the original question...Sometimes I do.

Badguys in my area are starting to travel in packs and are committing their crimes in gangs...Everything from bank roberies,home invasions,and even muggings on bicycle/jogging trails are being carried out by 3-4 thugs. Some gangs ARE training-(MS13) if you believe the hype.

I'll pitch this out for fodder: Consider using the 5 doser as your 1st line of defense- in a fast access pocket...and have your 17 rounder in deep concealment-say a shoulder rig. In the winter I always carry a pocket gun I can get to in a hurry; and under a sweatshirt I've got a shoulder rig on that's gonna stop most fights.
I DID stay at a Holiday Inn last nite...
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