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I've always been a rifle guy, growing up in the country. When I married a woman in town, I got to thinking more about getting a handgun, since we live in the biggest city in the state, and crime is really getting out of hand here. I never really got around to buying a handgun, figuring I could take care of pretty much any threat on my own, long enough for her and the boy to get away. My wife never really liked guns, but I got her to shoot a coupla times.

Once my back went completely to hell, and I had to give up shoeing horses, I figured hand to hand fighting was out, so I finally got serious about handguns. I even did IDPA for a while, and my range sessions were generally about 500 rounds a week. (I reload) Surprisingly, my wife never griped too much about the money I spent on shooting. I guess, since I hardly ever go to the titty bar, she thinks we're saving money, now. She even started shooting a little, despite being severely cross dominant, having huge boobs, and short arms.

When I first started carrying a gun along when we'd go out, she didn't seem to care for it, but didn't dissent too much. Here the other day, a few years after I'd started carrying, we got into a situation that looked like it might get ugly, but turned out to be nothing. Later, she told me,"I started to panic, but I looked down and saw you had your gun". She also told me the reason she puts her purse in the back seat when I'm riding with her is so it won't get in my way, if I need my gun.

I'm glad my carrying makes her feel safer. That's worth quite a bit. We make an effort to avoid problem areas, but it comforts her to know that I'm armed and damn good with a gun. She even thinks it's cool that the guys at my local gun shop just tell me to go in the back room and get whatever I need, if I need something. The boy likes shooting, when I can drag him out to the range, but I don't know that I could count on either one of them to shoot when they need to. They'd probably start thinking about going to get a gun once it was too late to draw one.
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