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What made YOU decide to CCW?

I did a ride along with the las vegas metro police dept. in january of '07, and in a matter of about 5 hours, we were called to "shots fired" calls, 3 times. that was when i bought my first gun. then, a few weeks later, i was watching the news. there was a robbery at a convenience store, 2 people went in with a rifle to the clerk's head. they told him to open the register and back up, he did what they said, and put his hands up. on their way out the door, the upstanding citizens with the rifle decided to shoot him in the back of the head for good measure. that was what made me decide to not ever trust someone with a gun pointed at me, and to trust my chances to my practice and skills with my firearm. a few weeks later, i completed my cwp class, and carry at all times(aside from at work, where it is prohibited.)

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