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Almost there

Nothing big has happened to me and this has been a slow progression but here goes.

I lived all over this USA as my dad was in the military. I've been/lived in good and not so good cities. None of them seem to be any different they all have the nightly news and they all have bad things to report.

Being a woman guns aren't talked about in our circles much. So for a long time I never knew the laws and that it was an option to carry a hand gun. However as I've gotten older (31 now) my partner and I have a nice home we just bought in TX, here guns ARE talked about. I have been in TX a year and love that you can talk and get answers from the common person about guns.

In short about 1.5yars ago in MO where we lived before, 2 men broke into our house and lucky for us they staid in the garage. They tore up my Jeep, took lots of tools, other stuff. I also in short thank powers that be we both staid asleep. Why? We had no way to defend ourselves. Had I woke up to them in the garage I can only imagine how scared I'd have been. Not having any way to deal with the situation except to call the police and wait. Wait for what would have been the question, them to come in? My mind dose wonder off to those what ifs once in awhile and have kept me up at night sometimes for the last year and a half.

So now what... I'm in a new state where it's not uncommon for people to have guns, to talk about them at work, I now know more and feel that a gun is a tool that you should own to assist in your own protection. Like any tool you have to learn to use it and to have it with you when the time is needed. Having a gun in my glove box when I'm leaving the mall will do me no good in the parking lot.

Also I've been doing some thinking now that I'm older and it seems like what a lot of men have said here. I have a nice home, a good partner of 10 years, I like my life and I like what we've built. Maybe when you get older something crosses over in you and you then know you have something to protect and that you can't wait on someone else to do it for you.

I just got a Glock 19 this past weekend. I have only shot a Glock 22 about 2 months ago. I have alot of range time ahead of me, I do plan to get the CHL class and paper work done this month so that when that card comes with my name on it I will be able to have one more way to be responsible for my life and the things in it.
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