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Just a last minute note to everyone on what is going on.

Last week a meeting was arranged by Larry Pratt of the GOA between Herbert W. Titus, of council with the firm of William J. Olson, P.C. out of McLEAN , VA and Washington DC, and Robert Sanders, of counsel with Mark Barns and associates out of Salem, NC. After a day of interviewing myself and reviewing all the available court documents it was agreed upon that there were good reasons to believe this could get overturned and they would take over this case for the purpose of the appeals process. Anyone not familiar with these attorneys and their firms should take the time to look them up. They are considered by many to be the best in this aria, and they have participated in a many of the well known cases like Heller. All of this is being paid for by the Gun Owners of America through Larry Pratt. The appeal was originally scheduled for July 1st has been rescheduled for August 1st. Total time for a ruling on this case is expected to be anywhere from 6-12 months. The most likely outcome is a reversal of the conviction for any number of reasons, some well known, some not, and a remanding back to the lower court for a retrial with instructions on how this trial should be done. Any more questions from this point onward should be directed to one of them. Naturally reaching me after today will be much more difficult, but I do expect to be back in a few months with this miscarriage corrected. Anyone that has to reach me can do so through the attorneys, though a point of contact at (920)923-1480, or directly at the sandstone institution if need be. We will be leavening for Sandstone this morning, meeting with Larry Pratt, and reporting there around 1330 tomorrow.

Also finished is the wives Affidavit. After reading it I would suggest you review the motion hearing I had over two years ago to suppress the few statements I made under interrogation (available on the net), and the statements posted by ATF agent Keeku. There appear to be more than one discrepancy. Careful review of the statements by all the involved officers also detail some discrepancies. I leave this to you to ponder. The last affidavit may be some time coming as the person doing it has been out of the country for some time and has experienced a computer breakdown. Getting it fixed where he is will be difficult. His affidavit will detail the unlawful, unwarranted, and uninvited entry of his home, rounding up of his family, and search of his property, during the time the warrant was being executed on my property. Keep in mind when it does come out that the ATF had no warrant for what they did to him and his family, nor did they receive his permission. Timeline for the release of that information is unknown at this point, but it will be posted when it is made available.

Much more has been found out about this case with the new and highly qualified attorneys looking into it. Most of it I cannot comment on at this point. But one item of particular interest is this appears to have been a targeted action with Mr. Kiernicki receiving multiple payments from multiple federal agencies. He seems to have been rather busy in the last year also having numerous arrests for everything from underage drinking to resisting arrest. Although at this point the reason for this level of determined action against me is still undetermined, it is speculated by those with more knowledge on this subject than me that it was my activities of helping people on the State level with unwarranted arrests that caused such a disproportionate response. Maybe time will tell if the mere act of helping others in need can be the cause of such unwarranted actions. Lord knows it was made clear in sentencing that a unpopular act, though legal will not be tolerated, and that a simple act of charity like giving someone ammunition they themselves canít afford is construed to be indicative of a criminal act.

I will make information available as much as I can in the future, but expect any updates to be coming from GOA from this point onward. Also keep in mind this is a very costly venture for them. But they felt that a ruling such as we have in this case that allows all firearms to be outlawed and classified as machine guns if the ATF can make it fire more than once. As the judge put it if the statue does not limit the government, then they can do whatever they want to it.

Be back soon.

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