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I'm 45 yrs old and like most of you am tired and fearfull of all the random acts of violence. You never know when some nutjob will decide to take out a group of innocents.
Home invasions! WTF
In my day you broke into a home when you knew nobody was home and no neighbors could see you.
Virgina Tech.
The church scene this past year where an angry ex? member came very armed and shot and killed some of the church goers. There was a lady (she may have worked for the church) was carrying and took him out. The members said that she saved many more lives.
I ride a motorcycle 20,000 miles/yr for fun and travel many states away solo for several days. I'm always out in the open and have been approached a few times by dirtbags, fortunately nothing happened (yet).
I have a wife and 2 small children.
Its always in the back(or front) of my mind that something crazy could happen at any instant.
I now have a 26 and 19 and will take safety classes. I'm shooting at the range alot and will do all I can to be prepared including getting my wife trained and kids when they are old enough.

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