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Range report: New Dan Wesson Valor vs. Springfield TRP

Hey guys, I took my new Valor along with a bunch of 1911s to the range today. I haven't shot in a while. I was comparing the Valor directly to the Springfield TRP, which is about the same price ($1300 or so). I have always felt the TRP was the best 1911 in that price range, or below $1500, for that matter.

Anyway I had a great time and was very impressed with the Valor's performance.

I'll rate them in a few different catagories, some may overlap somewhat. Obviously, this is only one man's opinion.

Finish: I have to give the edge to the TRP. I think its one of the best quality production 1911s you can buy, with a flawless stainless finish. The Valor is also stainless, with a nice matte black coating. Its very nice, but the slight edge goes to Springfield.

Looks: Definately the Valor. I think its one of the best looking 1911s available today at any price. I happen to like a clean looking 1911 without front serrations and "billboard" marking on the slides. I also think the solid trigger looks great. While the TRP is nice looking, its just too busy for me. It could due without that "Tactical" stamp on the frame.

Reliablility: Tie. Niether have had any problems. I thought the Valor might, as my DW CBOB needed some break in, but this fired two hundred rounds with no problems whatsoever. The Springfield is rock solid.

Features: The edge goes to the TRP. Some may not like all the features it has, but it comes standard with a magwell, two piece guide rod, which I love, and an ambi safety. The Valor has the single sided safety, no magwell, and a barrel bushing.

Trigger: The Valor has the best trigger of any 1911 I own under $2K. Its amazing. Very crisp and light, with a great feel. The TRP's trigger has a more solid feel, but not quite as nice as the Dan Wesson's.

Accuracy: I give the edge to the Valor, but its a slight edge. I was shooting 25 yards on a makeshift rest and was able to rip the inner circle out of the target with both easily. I had a couple outside with the Springfield, but that may have been my fault.

Build quality: This is a tough call. The Valor feels more like a semi custom gun with its trigger and smoother slide. However, the TRP is just rock solid and feels like you could hammer nails with it. I can't give the edge to either, but they are much different and its hard to describe any better then I did. They have to be handled back to back to fully understand.

Exclusivity: If this matters to anyone, the Valor wins in a landslide. They just came out. Plus, I hear they will be built sparingly and not in the numbers the Pointman and CBOB are. Likewise they are very hard to find. TRPs are everywhere.

Miscellaneous: There are a couple things to point out about each. The TRP has deep 20lpi checkering on the front strap. This does not bother me, but many feels its too rough. The Valor has my favorite, which is 25lpi (30lpi feels too smooth to me). One thing odd about the Valor is the grips. they are the woven micarta "blond desert" VZ grips. While I love the way that look, the get dirty and turn black while shooting or if they come into contact with gun oil. I had to remove and clean them with a toothbrush and soap. I'm not going to replace them, because I think they really compliment the Valor's good looks.

In conclusion, they are much different 1911s. I can't say I think the Valor is quite as good as the TRP from an overall standpoint, due to the TRP's features and solid build quality for the money. However, I prefer the Valor over the TRP for its looks and feel. Sorry I can't pick a winner, but I just wanted to give a rundown for those interested in a 1911 in this price range.

I will wish everyone who wants a Valor good luck in finding one.

Here are some pics of each and a few of them together. They are much different and that can be seen in the pics alone.

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