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The light bulb clicked for me when my 7th grade spanish teacher was raped and murdered, found dead off of I-95 when I was living in Florida.

It was strange that she was one of this nut jobs victim, after all, she was a 3rd degree belt and won several regional awards in competitions. My mom made the comment, too bad she didn't have a gun. My parents owned a pistol and shotgun, but never carried or really talked about them.

I though that was a great idea.

When the smoke cleared a year later they caught the guy after murdering and killing a couple other women on I-95 and surrounding state highways... thats what taught me to be very cautious of the police and not to blindly trust them. He was a FHP officer who was caught by a fellow Trooper in the act. Guy is still sitting on death row as far as I know.
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