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My home was broken into. No one was home but the alarm went off when this fool broke the window that had a "Monitored Alarm" sticker on it. And judging from the report I got from my alarm company he still entered setting off every motion sensor I have in my house alarm blaring and all, and believe me this thing is loud. Strangely enough he did not take a thing. This got me nervous because I heard about these guys breaking in and checking out a house, then breaking in at a later date to clean house.

Because this idiot did so much damage to the frame of the window and the frame of the sliding glass door it took 2 weeks to get the parts to have it replaced. I slept on my couch by the broken window for one week. After the first night I went to a gun and knife show and purchased my G19. I had to wait for the cool down period to pick up my firearm but the night before I had to pick it up I saw in my rear view mirrors a car following me without headlights on.

Call me paranoid but I hit the gas and took off like I stole something. this was about 3AM so I drove to the nearest police station and sat in the parking called home to make sure my family was OK. I did not tell my wife about the car following nor does she know abut the purchase of the firearm. lot for about 20 min then. The next day I picked up my G19.

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