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Here is the latest information on my case. Some of it is already known, some is not.

Over the last few weeks a number of attorneys have been working on the case. The current arias we were/are dealing with is:

1) The extension of the signature bond (After all why would the government want to incur the liability of sending an innocent man to prison )
2) Expedited Appeal
3) Appeal of the sentence (Average sentence for someone who has a real MG is either differed for 2 years and removed or 12 months probation(Canít help but wonder what was so different in my case))
4) Appeal of the conviction (Contrary to the government stance in court the US supreme court and the Appellate court from my district already said guns like this are not MGs, but the jury was not allowed to hear that)

The extension of the signature bond was shot down within hours of the paperwork being turned in. Unfortunately this may have been due to the paperwork being incomplete in its details. On the 30th of May my current attorney had what he thought would be the final draft to turn in. ( See page 1-12) I told him to wait until Monday afternoon to give me and others time to go over it and offer any changes. All weekend Larry Pratt and his associates at GOF dug into the issue and came up with more detailed reasoning. Unfortunately my attorney tuned in his original draft with none of the changes being made. The turn in date was the afternoon of 2 June, the motion was shot down the morning of 3 June, I was told of it all on 6 June. And as you can expect I was given notice to report to FCI Sandstone on 10 June with a reporting date of 2 July (This of course is nowhere close to where I live being up near Canada in a different state). ( See page 13) So at this point we can only hope that the expedited appeal goes through so the time spent in prison will be minimal as this error gets corrected. Also that the sentence gets brought down to where it should be to be on par with others, instead of as the judge put it to make a example for similar people out there (read that as gun owners).

In the meantime we have many other attorneys from the gun rights side working on this and I have no doubt they will prevail. A simple look at the work they have already done should speak for itself. (Coming shortly.)
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