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well.. a buddy of mine was at the time a retired police detective but had 25 yrs on the force as a patrol officer.. i would listen to him and his stories and i kept talking to him about thinking of getting a pistol to carry with me when my wife and i went on vacations.. and for myself at my shop.. and at the time we lived in "fayettenam" near Ft. Bragg.. if you know where im talking about the area started to get bad.. i had lived there all my life but it was getting worse.. i ran my own business so i thought it would be a good idea to get a handgun.. he gave me alot of information.. he was a pro gun guy.. lots of guns/rifles/shotguns in his collection.. i asked him which would you buy if you had to right now.. he said no question.. glock.. which he had clarried a G22 forever.. i asked him why and he explained everything that you all know now.. he also told me if would be a good idea if i took some training and then got a permit to carry concealed.. i had already done the research and with NC being one of the states that offered the permit.. it was an American thing to do.. i did the training.. did the research on which glock to purchase.. found even met some members.. i went to the range numerous times and shot just about every glock that was out at the time.. finally the one that felt the best in my big hands was the G23.. a match made in glock heaven.. then i took the ccw class and the rest is history.. so the main reason was personal and family protection... and i would do it all over again.. and i hope i never have to use my weapon but its nice to know that its there not only for my protection.. my family.. but any by standers that might need the help..

keep it safe.. carry for life
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