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columbus gone to hell

I a 23 M born in Columbus Ohio. I was raised by my grandfather and Uncle. At age 14 i shot my first shot gun, it was a side by side Parker. It has a duel trigger and i wanted to look kool so i had my finger on both tirggers, well the kick made me pull both at around the same time and i dislocated my sholder lol. It became clear that i needed to be able to protect myself one june day about a year ago. I was driveing down town close to OSU. I was in the left lane the right was a right turn only. Thats then a car in the left hand lane illeagely crossed the street swipeing my car and all but pushing me into on comeing traffic. When i sounded my horn a man in the back seat leand out the window with a gun in his hand. I got my hand gun the next day and my CCL less then a month latter and now its allways in my car
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