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K. These are the facts listed from my notes in the courtroom during the motion hearing and sentencing. They are from what was said by 3 individuals, the Judge, the assistant US attorney, and the defense attorney. Nothing in here is to be taken as a quote since I’m condensing it from around 10 pages of shorthand, although some of it will be nearly identical to what was said. I have already been told by a half dozen attorneys to still keep my mouth shut and not express any pointed opinion other than I am very disappointed at the turn of events as they unfolded. Their reasoning is the high likelihood of this being overturned. This is not to say others can’t speak their opinions and other stories about this can’t be told other individuals involved. More from them later to clear up some of those glaring holes everyone knows is there in this case.

Motions were done in this order:
New trial

As soon as I heard what order the judge wanted to do them in I knew this was going south.
All were denied for the following reasons.
It is not necessary to allege or prove the weapon was modified in any way. No one has alleged or proven that it was, nor has the jury found that it was modified. All that the government needs to prove is that the gun meets the strict statutory interpretation. That it may be a factory gun in a configuration approved by the ATF makes no difference as far as the statue is concerned. As such the government disclosed a single document to the court, one of many we were seeking to have disclosed. The judge looked at it, said it appeared to be a letter to SGW/Olympic arms, that it did seem to discuss the guns being made with M16 parts, but because the idea that it was made that way has no bearing on the statue, and because the jury was not asked to find any changes to the weapon the document was not exculpatory and need not be disclosed. The document was then added to the evidence list and sealed. With that sealed there is no new evidence for a new trial to happen. No one would comment on the covering up of any paperwork under the 6103 tax issue. But the judge admitted the government has not disclosed all possible paperwork to the defense. Video of the gun firing the commercial ammo is played. Judge says a malfunction in a semi can be a MG under the statue. Admits there is no M16 bolt carrier or auto sear in the gun and that the gun was apparently made with the 4 M16 parts it has. Points to his interpretation of it being a MG based on Agent Kingeries testimony and says he could not give any credibility to Mr. Savages testimony because it was all hearsay and second hand as he only spoke with SGW and only read Agent Kingery s report but never tested the gun himself. Moved on to ATF ruling 81-4 and the cocorian case from 88. Both say you have to have an auto sear to have a MG. Points to Agent Kingorys testimony that it does not need a sear to be a MG. We pointed out rulings that it must work properly as a MG as designed and not jam. Judge admits the record indicates the gun will not work all the time but repeatedly jams. Again under a strict reading of the statue is doesn’t matter.

That is the basics on the motions. No new evidence, no new trial. Not void for vagueness because the statue it clear, any gun that goes bang more than once, no other requirements for standardized testing of any sort, or modification to the gun needed.
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