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Originally Posted by RED64CJ5 View Post
Would you please change my username to RED64CJ5 ?

Eddie - I used to occasionally check in on 441.700 when I was living in SE Mass and on my way down to The City. Great machine!

Thank you very much!

You're all set. Thanks for the compliment for the Repeater. We have invested a ton of money into it. The antenna was about $1,000.00 and it has about $5,000.00 worth of commercial Hardline (1 7/8"). You have to put a good antenna and feedline on any radio. I see guys spending thousands of dollars on a radio then try to save money by going cheap on an antenna. A radio is only as good as it's feedline allows it to be. Otherwise it's like putting the Hope Diamond into a $5.00 setting. It doesn't do anyone any good.

I'm happy to say that the Repeater is now part of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and Homeland Security (DEMHS) for Region I, Fairfield County CT. We are actively involved with 14 Municiple Police/Fire/Emerbgency and the Connecticut State Police Troop G in Bridgeport, CT in getting their Emergency Operations and Communication Centers up and running.
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