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Originally Posted by Dragoon44 View Post
I like the idea of this forum, personally it does not bother me when some people become less than civil, I will continue to answer their points if they choose to try and make them. Now rather than the thread simply be locked, it can be moved here.

Another idea to consider is to have a forum called "The Arena". you got two, (or even a couple) of posters that really want to duke it out on a particular subject then they could go at it in a forum where others could read their posts but not be able to respond. only the designated posters would be able to post.

Just a thought.
Interesting idea, the Arena. May I suggest a small modification? The nondesignated posters may not post messages, but can post smilies only. The popcorn one would be especially useful here, and in keeping with your apparant intent.
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